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ThreeLittle Free Libraries”  in Remington!


Hours and Services of the Remington DMV Select office in Town Hall


• In 2009, the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative’s magazine, “Cooperative Living,” wrote an article about Remington, in order “to meet some of the folks who make up the heart of Electric Co-op Country.”


 The Hedgeman-Rappahannock Rural Historic District (DHR ID# 030-5607) is centered on the Rappahannock River. It extends from around Waterloo and U.S. Rt. 211 southeast to the waterway's confluence with the Rapidan River, and generally covers one half-mile from the centerline of the river, incorporating acreage in Culpeper, Stafford, and Fauquier Counties. The district boundaries encompass the cultural landscape directly related to the river, including prominent rural and urban features within the viewshed. All attempts were made to exclude concentrations of non-contributing resources, such as recent residential and industrial development along the proposed district's edges. The proposed district overlaps with rural estates, working agricultural enterprises, urban properties within the historic town of Remington, and concentrations of historically-related buildings in smaller hamlets and villages. It also contains within its bounds significant portions of publicly-owned lands, in particular the C.F. Phelps Wildlife Management Area. There are few recent intrusions that upset the dramatic, historic viewsheds visible from the river valley and its adjoining lands. The proposed contains portions of several other historic districts, including the register-listed Remington Historic District (288-5001) and Rappahannock Navigation System (Canal) Historic District (111-0134) plus the register-eligible Springs Valley (030-5427) and Mt. Holly Ridge-Marsh Run Rural Historic District (030-5587). Citizens for Fauquier County and the Remington Community Partnership partnered together to produce the nomination for the Hedgeman-Rappahannock Rural Historic District, which was deemed eligible by the Department of Historic Resources in 2015. View the District historic resources



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